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Super Leaders at Embassy of Canada honoring DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier

On October 15th, despite tornadoes and rain, 220 of us gathered last night at the Embassy of Canada to present DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier with a Lifetime Achievement award for Community Service.


She gave a 22 minute heartfelt speech, including dropping out of junior high school, and becoming a single mother at 15. She thanked many of her mentors, including her mother who was there.


Our  friend Dr.Howard Silby made a 6 minute film about her great American story, as she is now one of the most respected officers of the law nationwide.


She is modernizing her 4,000 officers with plans to equip them all with cameras, which has proven to improve both the behavior of police and the public.


From left to right;


Joe Persichini, ex-Washington director of the FBI.


Canadian Ambassador Gary Doer


Chief Cathy Lanier

Warren Bischoff, Senior Managing Director, RBC

Pat Vaughan , RBC 


Lyles Carr, president of the Economic Club


Brig Owens, doctor, lawyer, ex-Captain of the Redskins, Founder of Super Leaders.


We were also able to raise $35,000 for the worthy high school kids of Super Leaders.


Thanks to everyone who made the night special, like Marshfield Associates, and Mark Sarver.

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