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RBC Wealth Management-U.S. has featured the Super Leaders program on its public website and social media channels, highlighting the work of our organization and the firm’s involvement — namely, that of Super Leaders Vice Chairman and RBC senior managing director, Warren Bischoff, as well as Executive Director Frankie Crosby and Founder Brig Owens.


A ‘super’ example of leadership for Washington D.C. youth

“I promise to be a Super Leader for life!” It’s an oath that marks the opening and closing lines of the pledge recited by members of the Washington, D.C.-based student organization, Super Leaders. Read aloud at leadership retreats, it’s a promise that reminds the students not only of their long-term goals but also the family that they’re now a part of; a family of peers that’s committed to defying the odds against them and becoming responsible, contributing citizens of the world…



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