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March for Our Lives and Super Leaders


This past weekend out Super Leaders were part of the rally, "March for Our Lives," where students from across the  country and other parts of the world protested against gun violence.  They were sending a message not only to the politicians in Washington DC but to local politicians and parents.  They want their voices heard in the national conversation about gun violence.  If today's politicians don't step up, the youth will vote them out.  Anyone who watched this historical event had to be proud and impressed with our youth! There was a lot of passion, not only from the youth on the stage, but also from the attention the crowd gave to the speakers.

This highly technological society that we all live in today allowed the youth to coordinate the rally throughout the United States and abroad by time zone. They had voter registration booths at the rally  with their peers-- encouraging those of voting age to register.

At Super Leaders and other educational youth leadership training programs, we are training our youth to not only be leaders of today but leaders of tomorrow.  I have often said, "when you look at our youth in action and see what they do, our future is bright!"

Those of you who are financing and supporting educational leadership programs must continue to do so.  It's paying dividends.




Brig Owens,

Chairman, Super Leaders Inc.

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