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Letter of Appreciation from an amazing Super Leaders Advisor Anitra J. Oluonye

May 16, 2013

Dear Ms. Crosby,


I am so very happy and proud to be an Advisor for the Super Leader program at Eastern Senior High School.  As the school year begins to come to an end, it gives me the chance to reflect.  Therefore, I wanted to formally thank you, Brigg Owens, Warren Bischoff, and all of the Super Leader sponsors, and extend a huge appreciation.  Your continuous support has made the academic school year 2012-2013 memorable and successful.  The Super Leader program has contributed greatly to the success and growth of my students.  For many of them, their participation in this program serves as a motivational factor and accountability system in regards to their academic performance. As a Super Leader they are aware that they are charged with the task of setting goals and meeting those goals and being a leader in an outside of the classroom.

Our students are still talking about the wonderful seminars, and of course, the food  J from the retreat, and they are anxiously anticipating the next retreat.  Our field trip to the Black Wax Museum and lunch at a “nice” restaurant continues to be a topic of discussion.  From this, they learned of their history and ancestry.  As surprising as it may sound, a simple lunch at “The Hard Rock Café” at the Baltimore Harbor, served as exposure and a learning experience to them about etiquette and proper decorum when out in public.  Additionally, this school year, they had the opportunity to give back to the community by volunteering their time for the MS Walk in Washington, DC.  The Volunteer Coordinator for the MS Walk, commended our group for being the most proactive, hard working, and enthusiastic volunteer group; setting up the tables, distributing fruits and waters, cheering the walkers at the start line, greeting them at the finish line, passing out the certificates of completion and unloading the supply truck.  Our final fieldtrip of the year will be to Hershey Park, in Hershey Pennsylvania.  We will be visiting on their Health and Wellness Day.  The students will participate in a 2 mile Capital BlueCross Life Walk with stations promoting healthy lifestyle options, there will be sessions on how athletes stay in shape along with a healthy food demonstration, and up to a dozen interactive Wellness Booths.  Needless to say, our students are very excited!

Again, on behalf of the Advisors, Administrators and staff, at ESHS, thank you! Particularly, as a 9th grade Special Education Teacher your support and the opportunity that the Super Leader program provides to my students means more to me then you can ever imagine.  Often times, students with disabilities are overlooked, forgotten and left by the wayside.  Out of the 35 students who are members of Super Leaders, approximately 15 of them are classified as students with disabilities who receive Special Education services.   I can personally speak on their behalf when I say thank you for allowing them to be a part of something great. Thank you for building their self-esteem.  Thank you for exposing them to things outside of their immediate neighborhood. Thank you for allowing them to see what and who they can become.  Most importantly, thank you for validating to them that they are important.


Anitra J. Oluonye,

 Special Education Teacher/Advisor, Eastern Senior High School

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