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Below are just a few of the accomplishments that Super Leaders and Super Leaders students have achieved!

  • In addition to the 11 National Honor Society students, we had 6 students who were selected by the Washington Post to be in its $500 Honors Awards Club. (Here students maintain A's & B's throughout the 11th & 12th grades. (Three of these students had 1.5 GPAs  3 years ago.)
  • We had 2 Bill Gates Scholars who were awarded $50,000  
  • Most of our students drastically improved their SAT scores. (We have not been able to obtain the final info from the schools yet, as principals, front office employees, etc. changed the week reports were distributed and final scores have not been posted.)
  • Super Leaders held leadership positions at all of our schools, i.e., president of classes, etc.  
  • Eastern started the first Book Club to invite authors to attend all-school events and served as mentors to those having difficulty with reading. 
  • RBC first financial institution to adopt entire less fortunate families during holiday season.  
  • Super Leaders students compile more community service hours than other students. Quality of our training in and out of schools has given us School Board approval to count all hours with Super Leaders for graduation community service hours. 
  • Super Leaders designed and was praised for the quality of the only Bullying Sessions played out in 3 high schools.
  • Super Leaders is one of the very few organizations to be vetted for 3 years because we have been in the system for 26 years and we have been recognized for the quality of in and out of school participation programs, i.e., walks for homeless, cancer walks, food drives, improved GPAs, etc. 
  • Two Super Leaders have been selected to work in the First Lady's office during the summer because they were recommended by the principal. 
  • We operate throughout the year, which is unusual for non-profit "in -and out- of -schools" programs in the area, per DCPS.

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