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Annapolis High School Super Leaders & World Homeless Day!

Our amazing Super Leaders in Annapolis headed by Erica Wilkins did an amazing job in anticipation for World Homeless Day on October 10th, 2018.

Super Leaders has been engaged in helping homeless people's needs in the Annapolis community for the last l0 years. They have engaged churches, service clubs, local businesses and other establishments to make a significant difference in their local community for this occasion and beyond.

Through the efforts of the Annapolis Advisor, Ericka Wilkins, 249 mattresses have been donated to the homeless and she has engaged the students in raising money for pillows and sheets. Congratulations to Advisor Ericka Wilkins!!!

Thanks for all of your excellent work with the Annapolis High School Supper Leaders!!!!!!!!

This September will mark Ericka's 20th anniversary with Super Leaders and both Brig and Warren send their heartfelt thanks!!!!!

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