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What We Do

What We Do

"In my life’s journey I have been blessed with caring parents, great coaches, and mentors…I’ve tried to provide that same kind of influence on our Super Leaders students. We want them to understand and believe that they are actors and architects in the construction of their own destiny."  -Brig Owens

Super Leaders, Inc. was established in 1985 by Brig Owens, former Washington Redskins defensive back [1966-1977]. Brig’s passion for education and youth leadership has inspired more than 24,000 students to be ambassadors for change through their membership in the Super Leaders youth development program. Our mission is to combine in-school mentoring, leadership retreats, and community service to help low-income students resist negative peer pressure, succeed academically in middle and senior high school, and enter undergraduate education or employment upon high school graduation. In 2007, the High School graduation rate for Super Leaders members was 100%, with 88.2% of those graduates entering college in September 2007.  


The Super Leaders comprehensive youth development program combines in-school mentoring, youth leadership training retreats, and community service projects.  Dedicated School Advisors coordinate the Super Leaders weekly meetings, provide tutoring and mentoring on an appointment basis to Super Leaders students, lead life-skills workshops at off-site youth leadership retreats, and coordinate community service field trips for Super Leaders students. In the 2008-2009 academic year we expect to sustain a Super Leaders membership of 700 middle and senior high school students and reach more than 10,000 youth age 11-19 through student-led outreach efforts at our participating schools.

Super Leaders... 

  • Demonstrate and make positive life choices.
  • Improve grade-point averages and fulfill academic potential.
  • Avoid destructive and risky behavior.
  • Remain drug free.
  • Exercise and eat healthy foods, understanding the importance of being physically fit.
  • Spread positive messages within schools and communities.
  • Improve the quality of student life for themselves and others.
  • Create drug-free, violence-free, and positive school and community environments.
  • Develop and use support systems.
  • Coordinate with other schools, private organizations and public agencies to spread positive messages to area youth.


We believe...

  • Excellence is achievable and always worth the investment.   
  • The most effective learning environment is one in which staff and students are actively engaged and have the ultimate respect for each other.
  • Students must be equipped with life-long learning tools to succeed in a changing society.
  • Super Leaders have unique talents and perspectives that contribute to the value of our schools, and they have an impact on their peers, families, communities and each other.
  • Leadership comes through time and service.
  • Super Leaders must be determined and focused to keep their priorities in order.
  • Super Leaders must face life with boldness and press for the highest value systems.
  • Students can maintain physically fit and nutritionally sound bodies to compliment their well-conditioned and healthy minds.
  • Through positive peer pressure – Super leaders become role models, influencing other students to act and communicate in a positive and constructive manner.



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