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College Prep; SAT and ACT Test Preparation Tips and Resources

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Vocabulary Tests Online: Here you’ll find a variety of resources designed to help you pass the vocabulary portion of the SAT.


5,000 Free SAT Words: This simple site offers 5,000 vocabulary words to learn from, and an audio version to learn from as well.


Hard SAT Crosswords: Here you’ll find crossword puzzles featuring SAT words.


SAT Vocabulary Builder: Use this site’s vocabulary builder, and you’ll be able to use their flash cards and printable resources.


Vocab Test: Build your SAT vocabulary with the help of this website.


Vocabulary University: This source has the top 180 SAT and ACT words, and offers puzzles to help you learn them.


English Usage Practice Playsheets: Brush up on your grammar and vocabulary with these playsheets.


SAT and GRE Vocabulary Test Prep: Sheppard Software shares a few vocabulary quizzes here.


Wordsmyth SAT Dictionary: Wordsmyth offers a huge collection of frequently used SAT words and their definitions.











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