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I was always in trouble in 6th grade, and at first I was a bad Super Leader. Now I’ve been the President for three years and I encourage other kids to join Super Leaders.

Super Leaders has helped me think about how violence affects me and what I can do.

At retreats we have special guests who are leaders now and they tell us how they accomplished their dreams.

I got to know people from other schools at retreat and that has helped me.

Super Leaders helped me learn how to concentrate on my school work.  You don’t have to follow the crowd– I go to the beat of my own drum.

Super Leaders makes me feel good. I tell people what we learn at retreat– I told my brother about appearance and success.

I was getting suspended a lot for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. With Super Leaders I have learned to be more responsible.

In 6th grade I got bad grades ‘cause I thought girls liked bad boys, but at retreat they told me I need to be a leader, not follow people, and since I’ve been in Super Leaders I haven’t averaged a grade lower that a C.

I take what I learn at retreat back to my home. My sister is nine and she looks up to me– she sees that I dress different and do homework more and don’t argue with people in my neighborhood.

Super Leaders changed my life, I work better with people and cooperate more. 





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