Super Leaders

Developing the Positive Power of Youth



Brig Owens

Super Leaders Founder and Chairman

Super Leaders Advisors 

Warren Bischoff
Vice Chairman 
Super Leaders Board of Directors

Frankie Crosby

Executive Director Chief of Demand Reduction (Worldwide) DEA


Zackary Schultz

Assistant to the Executive Director



Howard Banks

Asst. Executive Director, Advisor, Northwestern High School


Vickie Braxton

Director of Administration & School Coordinator


Loretta Duppins

Advisor, Northwestern High School 


Frank Young

Director of Physical Fitness



LaVaughn Turner



Ericka Wilkins, Senior Advisor

Annapolis Senior High School


 Anitra Oluonye, Advisor

  Eastern Senior High School 



Jennifer McIntosh, Advisor

  Eastern Senior High School



Mark Jackson, Advisor

  Ballou Senior High School



Seteria Toney, Advisor

  Ballou Senior High School



Alex Schulz, Team Leader

  Junior Advisors




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