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Since this site has other information pertinent to Super Leaders, the entire site cannot be private HOWEVER you can make sure that your MyPage information will be private. This means that only your photo, location and age will come up. Anyone who is not a member will NOT be able to see anything on your MyPage including your postings etc. It will be similar to the information you can see on FaceBook when you set the privacy option. They cannot see your activity.


See below:


By default, anyone can view your My Page and list of friends on a public website. However, you can change the privacy settings for this page at any time. You can set your My Page to be visible to everyone (default), to only members of the Super Leader or to just your friends on the network.

To change the privacy of your My Page, click on the "Settings" link in the right column of the page and click "Privacy" on the left. Choose the level of privacy you'd like from the first question on this page then scroll down and click "Save." A sample below got to Settings first then Privacy.


By default, all photos, videos and blog posts you add to the Super Leaders will still be visible to everyone. You can also choose the privacy level of the content you add from this page.

If you've changed the privacy of your My Page, visitors who don’t have access to your My Page will only be able to view your name, photo and basic information, like age, gender and location.

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